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Smith Funeral Home and Crematory Services

Lancaster & Baltimore, Ohio

The Frank E. Smith Funeral Home family accommodates every person that walks through our door with our unique brand of personalized care. We help with all claims and paperwork: from notifying Social Security, the Veteranís Administration and assisting with filing insurance claims and more.

Funeral Services

The Traditional Service
Full Service Personalized Funerals
Limited Service Economy Funerals
Direct Burials
Transfer (Shipping) & Receiving Services
Death occurring out-of-town arrangements

Cremation Services

The Traditional Service Cremation
Full Service Personalized Cremation
Limited Service Cremation
Cremation with Private Family Gathering & Memorial Service
Basic Cremation with a Memorial Service off premise
Basic Cremation with Memorial Service at the Funeral Home
Basic (Direct) Cremation

Concierge Services

Driving Directions
Dining Reservations
Floral Arrangements and Gifts

Merchandise Products

Traditional Caskets
Personalized Caskets
Cremation Caskets
Alternative Containers
Burial Vaults
Veteranís Vaults
Cremation Urns
Urn Vaults

Custom Embroidered Tributes
Casket Corners
Urn Vaults
Custom Memorial Folders
Custom Acknowledgment Cards
Custom Register Books